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Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
13 May 2007 @ 08:21 am
1-46 = The Libertines
47-58 = My Chemical Romance
59 = Pete, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer & Jon
60-67 = Panic! At The Disco
68-94 = Fall Out Boy
95-111 = Audrey Kitching

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You all know them all, and I'm too lazy to write all them out.
Just comment, credit and be nice.

thnks fr th mmrsCollapse )
Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God

last section! BANDS.

28 = my chemical romance
18 = William Beckett (The Academy Is...)
27 = Fall out Boy
53 = Panic! At the Disco
9 = Fall Out boy & panic! At The Disco
135 = total
&&& 1 HEADER - many thanks to inclinedplane for owning the cutest dog in the world

i wish i could Collapse )
Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
01 April 2007 @ 03:36 am
"movie" section.

27 = closer
47 = the nightmare before christmas
17 = x-men
16 = emma watson (hermione from harry potter)
107 = total

i don't mind spending every day out on your corner in the pouring rainCollapse )
Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
So here it is, finally. The icon dump. 350 icons for your enjoyment. Sorry they're so late, I tried posting them last weekend but I did them all in the same table, and the post was too long and I didn't have the time to change it that week. This section covers the "other" section of my icons. i'm also in the middle of creating a resources page, and an icon journal.

34 = flowers
24 = photos by andourfingers, please credit her also
48 = Tom Conrad photography
2 = random
108 = total
(i think those numbers are right)

i want to know - have you ever seen the rainCollapse )
Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
hello there everyone. good morning/afternoon/night.

i come bringing 123 icons. i bolded that because it's like one...two...three...go!!!

you know the rules: comment and credit please. no. do it. or else i shall send all the exclamation marks and full stops in the world to go and bounce on you and bore you to death with endless amounts of chocolate cake and giant obese chinese noodles. thank you.

1-5 = random
6-8 = photos taken by imyourpain
9-13 = photos taken by xxi_am_fadingxx
14 = river phoenix
15-17 = keanu reeves
18-44 = panic! at the disco
45-71 = fall out boy
72-84 = the libertines
85-94 = william beckett (the academy is...)
95-96 = audrey kitching
97-111 = jac vanek
112-113 = the counting crows
114-117 = ryan adams
118-123 = other people


satan gave beck taco so to make up for that i'm handing out iconsCollapse )
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Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
hello. 16 icons bring i.
1-12 = jessica stam
13-14 = brendon urie (panic! at the disco)
15-16 = the god named bellamy (muse)

it's all just so intricate, the colours are suffocating meCollapse )

okay. basically my question goes like this: i was meant to watch the "backstabber" video on youtube except i'm a horrible person and didn't get around to watching it until about 3 months later and it was taken off. i was wondering if
a) anybody copied/saved it and would be able to give it to me
b) or if anybody has seen it posted somewhere else and would be able to point me in the right direction

please guys. i know that this probably won't come to anything because, well, it probably just won't. but if you guys have ANY idea at all please. i'm feeling really guilty about it. ♥ cookies for you???

EDIT: for kate okay. so i have an answer. thank you to kate (inclinedplane) for giving me the link! i feel very bad about this whole business because she was the one who told me to watch it and i never did. gah. well of course if anyone would be able to answer it would be her. i was just too goddamn proud to ask again. *sighs* well for anyone who's interested: here it is well. i guess i owe kate some cookies. then. the list of what i owe kate is WAY too long for me to be classified as independant. i love you katie, haha so what, this is about the 7th time in an hour or something? gah. i need to find stuff for myself but i know that she'll do it so much better than me. *hands cookies*
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Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
1-22 = photos taken either by me or dad sometime during our holiday (oh, and it's me in 12 and 13)
23-50 = harry potter
51-69 = river phoenix (some also with keanu reeves)
70-79 = x-men
80-104 = panic! at the disco
105 & 106 = bill and ted's excellent adventure/bogus journey
107-110 = jac vanek
111 & 112 = theo. um, ask thefrug sorry, i stole them. forgive me please?
113 = brad pitt from sleepers
114 = balloons.
115 = one of endolyn's photos.
116 & 117 = panic! at the disco animations. *cough cough* i was high okay!?

all the fishes in the deep blue seaCollapse )
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Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
04 December 2006 @ 01:06 am
two icons of tony from ncis

1 2

Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God
02 December 2006 @ 01:44 pm
9 icons.
1-3: brendon
4-5: spencer
6: ryan
7-9: brendon and ryan

i used to dream until i stopped writing fiction - alright well that's not trueCollapse )
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Jayden Rio Blue, Messanger of God

1-8: Anna Paquin
9-10: Rachel Weisz
11-12: Aaron Stanford: for (hazy_crazy)
13-15: High School Musical
16: I'm not sure. A friend wanted it iconed so she sent me the picture and i did it.

1-15: pictures used taken from: (thephotobox)

my eyes don't need to see that ugly thing, if you want me hold me backCollapse )
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